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Garlic Twist

Color: CLR

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Its patented technology makes it the simplest, most effective tool for mincing garlic, ginger, and a variety of other items. 

The Garlic Twist is made from sturdy polycarbonate and consists of just two parts. With this premium material and solid design, the Garlic Twist does double duty, helping you prep and peel garlic with ease. 

After gripping the Garlic Twist, whack a clove twice to loosen and remove the skin. Then just place one or two cloves inside and twist to achieve a desired texture. In seconds you can have perfectly minced cubes or a fine puree. The Garlic Twist is also a terrific tool for mincing ginger, carrots, shallots, nuts, peppers and many other items. 

Rinse to clean, dishwasher safe