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BM Activity Book Beyond Bored

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An activity book–with a bit of an attitude. Think of it as Highlights for children-at-heart. Hidden-picture puzzles, mazes, coloring pages, connect-the-dots, you name it…all designed for adults (with the maturity level of fourth graders). This activity book by Brass Monkey is the perfect way to avoid (and make fun of) all of those pesky ‘adult’ responsibilities like paying bills, cleaning the gutters, and actually working for a living.• Includes 200 pages of puzzles, games, and other ways to waste your valuable time.


  • Spiral binding with a rigid heavyweight cover
  • Uses uncoated paper, perfect for pens (or pencils if you're a cheater)
  • Answer key in the back of the book–because it would be kind of mean not to


  • Book measures 6.5” x 7” (165mm x 178mm)