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About Us

Welcome to Sweet Elizabeth Jane! We are a vintage-inspired lifestyle store where you can shop for clothing, accessories, home goods and fun gifts, founded in 2011, in Ellicott City, Maryland.. Sweet Elizabeth Jane is named after my two grandmothers, Elizabeth and Jane. Our mission has always been to create an experience on Main Street for the community and to be a welcoming place where people gather making friends with us and each other. Shopping is just a part of the experience! 

SEJ was originally located in the amazing Caplan Department Store Building. Caplan’s had huge store windows and we used them to light up the town. Our location, in the middle of Main Street, over the Tiber, was perfect for hosting events and bringing lots of people into the heart of the town. It was a wonderful experience and we made unforgettable memories there.

Following a catastrophic flood that destroyed the town in 2016, SEJ relocated to the top of Main Street. Our new home is also a historic building-the former Ellicott City Motor Company. It was quickly restored and remodeled so that SEJ could have a new home in time for the 2016 holiday season, making it possible for us to stay on Main Street.

You inspire us to keep doing what we love- creating experiences that keep Main Street thriving and open for Business! We are passionate about telling great merchandise stories that shine light into your everyday. We invite you to shop in the way that works best for you- online, through social media, or come hang out with us in the store!

This is an exciting time for SEJ! Stay tuned! We always believe that the best is yet to come!

Much Love,
Tammy & the Apronologists